Soul on Fire

Soul on Fire

La Mimosas

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It’s all music – Just bring your message across and the universe will provide.
The concept of the two German brothers – musicians, companions and music lovers – is to take
every note of this unusual, sophisticated music in their own hands and produce it with its own
sense and meaning; it’s as simple as that.

Their intention is just to bring out the guitars, drums, brass section and especially the vocal parts at
exactly the right place with the most impact as far as song structure, and nevertheless with a trace
of popular music.
All genres welcome!
Skillful means skillful, inspired means inspired, and this entire project is influenced by love.
For many years the two musicians, Andreas and Uli Keppler, have worked and played with various
bands of different genres on stage as well as in many studio sessions.
Their credo: It´s all music – Just bring your message across and the universe will provide…
Now they’ve gone the extra mile and recorded, produced and engineered their first joint album –
SOUL ON FIRE – in Los Angeles/Venice Beach, together with the excellent producer Michael Jost,
and additional top musicians:
Andy Kravits (Drums, Percussion and additional engineering)
Michael Jost (Guitars, Mandolin, Tibetan bell)
Reiner Backe (Bass)
Matthew DeMerrit (Sax, Flute)
Eugen Pereislavtsev (Accordion, Harmonica)
Peter Demian (Backing Vocals)

And for sure the composers:
Andreas Keppler (Lyrics, Vocals, Backing Vocals, Maracas, Tambourine)
Uli Keppler (Music arrangements, Guitars, Bass, Piano, Organ, Backing Vocals)


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